Google Shopping Ads

Our everyday life has drastically shifted to digital in almost every aspect over the last decade and, with it, the way we shop. By 2023, online shopping is expected to grow from 14.1% to 22% of all retail purchases. While there have been other non-traditional forms of shopping in the past, from snail mail and catalog shopping to direct purchasing from farms and processors, nothing has shifted the retail industry like online shopping.   

As our purchasing habits change, so must the way we advertise. 

What are Google Shopping Ads?

When a customer is searching for a product on Google, they are served an excess amount of information to sift through to find what they are looking for. Navigating through search ads, organic search results, FAQs, brick and mortar locations (if available), and more can make the online shopping experience a hassle. In order for a customer to shop for the product directly on Google and see the variety of retailers that offer a product that match the search, the customer would have to click into the shopping tab...unless that brand or product has online shopping ads. 

Google Shopping Ads present related products to a customer’s search at the very top of the search results. These ads are the ideal way to present customers with your product as it provides only the most important information that the searcher is looking for. The ad’s main focus is a visual presentation of the product followed by a hyperlink text of the product name along with the price and website which it can be found on. The final part of the shopping ad helps you differentiate yourself from the ad next to yours. You can display your customer star rating, a product feature, or a special offering such as free shipping.  

If you don’t have an eCommerce store, that’s okay! Google Shopping Ads allow retailers to promote products available online as well as inventory you have in-store!  

Showcase Shopping Ads

The standard Google Shopping Ads focus on promoting specific products with a more narrow keyword focus. This is to capture people in the later part of the purchasing funnel whereas Showcase Shopping Ads are geared toward people earlier in the process. 

Google Showcase Shopping Ads are typically used to promote your brand and introduce you to potential customers as they show up for more generic searches. This form of shopping ads allow you to group together related products to showcase a more broad offering of your business and grow the reach of your shopping campaign. Through Google Discovery, your showcase ads will reach audiences that standard shop ads cannot. 

YouTube Shopping Ads

As we have previously mentioned, the influence and search power that YouTube has gained over the years has become a crucial part of Google’s advertising business. YouTube Shopping Ads mimic the look and feel of Google Shopping Ads as they show up with the same information but on YouTube searches. Now when someone is looking for a video on “must have kitchen items”, they’ll be served shopping ads for products that match those keywords.

How to Create a Google Shopping Ad 

Shopping ads are a perfect way for small businesses to grow their reach and bottom line. While we’ve provided the basic knowledge for Google Shopping Ads, there’s an entire strategy and approach that needs to be established before running a successful campaign. The best way to begin an online shopping ads campaign is to work with professionals who have experience with online advertising. To get your products and brand in front of millions of shoppers, contact Team Vibe!