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Fun Fact: Google holds 91.75% of the world market share of search, receiving over 75k searches per second.

That's why we're Google Ads Certified!

Google Adwords certification Google Display Ads certification Google Search Ads certification Google Video Ads certification

Do you have trouble getting your message to potential consumers who don’t know your company (but should!)?

You’re not alone. Getting the attention of consumers who aren’t paying attention is one of the biggest challenges companies face in regards to marketing. Pay per click (PPC) online advertising is the most cost-effective digital advertising because it uses in-depth audience analysis and digital habits. PPC marketing provides an opportunity to target potential customers and is the fastest way to draw awareness to your site.

Vibe Creative Marketing is Google Ads Certified so, from search and display to mobile and video, you can feel confident in your PPC online advertising. Vibe is expert in targeting your customers based on specific keywords and demographics to accomplish your web goals, all with compelling, impactful ads that bring your brand message to life.

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Google Ads Measurement certified agency

Google Ads Measurement

With Vibe Creative Marketing, your marketing objectives transform into quantitative actions for successful ad campaigns. From tracking and analyzing to strategizing your ad's insights, we're Google certified to effectively measure your campaign results.

Google Display Ads certified agency

Display Ads

Through Vibe’s Google-certified ability to create and optimize cost-effective display strategies and campaigns, we'll help you showcase your products and services to your targeted customers across the internet to drive your campaign's success!

Google Search Ads certified agency

Search Ads

Show up where potential and existing customers are searching online. Vibe Creative Marketing is Google certified to boost campaign performance by navigating automated and audience solutions to build your customer base through Google Search.

Google Video Ads certified agency

Video Ads

No matter where in the customer's purchasing journey, Vibe Creative Marketing is Google certified to be able to successfully tell your brand or product's story in an effective way through ads on Youtube and Google Video.

Google Analytics certified agency

Google Analytics

Collecting insights from your website and ad campaigns, Vibe Creative Marketing is Google certified to compile your numbers, analyze the data, and plan the necessary steps to optimize and track your campaigns to target and retarget customers.

Google Shopping Ads certified agency

Shopping Ads

Build your customer's online shopping carts with Vibe Creative Marketing. We’re Google certified to develop and measure online shopping ads in an effective way that will take your conversions and reach to the next levels.

Google My Business certified agency

Google My Business

Drive customer engagement from local consumers. Vibe Creative Marketing is Google certified to create and optimize your business listings so your company can stand out and connect on Google when customers search or map your business.