Google Search Ads

When you open up Google and search for “What are Google Search Ads” you’ll see a list of websites that Google deemed as the most useful to answering your search query. Google spends a lot of time, energy, and money towards this algorithm. In order for your site to show up, it needs to be well designed for search and you need to implement an SEO content strategy. While these strategies increase revenue long-term, it can take a few years to see these results. However, if you’re looking for quicker results and want to show up on Google ASAP, you can buy your way there. 


Google Search Ads provide the best opportunity to reach new potential customers. An existing customer won’t waste time with Google, they’ll just head straight to your site. A potential customer who hasn’t heard of you, but is looking for what you offer, will search through Google. This is when and where your brand needs to show up to increase business. Google Search Ads can put your message and website on the first page of the searches you want so you can reach these customers. 


How Do Google Ads Work? 

Basic steps for Google Search Ads   

  1. Determine what your campaign goal is. Is it to grow your web traffic, gain leads, or increase sales? 
  2. Establish your target audience and where in the world they live. This helps determine where Google places your ads and can guide you in establishing your keywords and phrases. 
  3. With the use of keywords and phrases, you’re able to carefully select which searches your Google Ad will show up for. You can be as broad or exact as you want based on your marketing objectives.
  4. Use your targeted keywords and phrases to build your ads. It’s important to include these in headlines and descriptions to help build ad strength but doing so in a creative way to stand out. Each ad at the minimum has 2 headlines, 2 description texts, and a URL.  
  5. Establish a daily budget. This should start at a minimum of $10 to see effective results.   

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads leave a little more work for Google. Rather than you having to create the exact ad that will show up for a search, you compile at least 5 headlines, 3 descriptions, and a URL for Google, and it will piece together what it deems will lead to a click or conversion based on the search. The ad could change for every search or it may stay the same based on its success. 

Dynamic Search Ads

While responsive search ads require some work for you and Google, dynamic search ads let Google do almost all the work- just make sure you have a well designed website! Google will use your website to create headlines, a display URL, and choose which landing page the ad takes the potential customer to. All you have to do is provide two descriptions for the ads. Dynamic search ads are ideal when you have a large-inventory of products or a masterpiece of a website.

Why do search ad extensions matter?

Any chance to provide more information to capture potential customers’ attention is a good thing and is essentially what ad extensions are. Ad extensions not only give more information regarding why your brand and products are what the searcher is looking for, but they also make your ad bigger which takes up more space on the Google Search results page. And you know what they say about “bigger is better.”

Types of ad extensions

App extension - simple and easy way to get people to download your app

Affiliate location extension - shows where your product is sold in a physical store

Call extension - a phone number people can use to call (perfect for mobile!) 

Callout extension - short phrases that showcase what makes you unique (i.e. “Woman-Owned & Operated”)

Lead form extension - get people to sign-up for newsletters and such directly from the ad

Location extension - show where your brick and mortar location is 

Sitelink extension - easy way to jump to specific pages on your site (i.e. Contact page)

Structured snippets - list things such as all the services or products you offer 

Price extension - say what the cost is right in your ad so people can shop from the search result

Now that you understand the basics for Google Search Ads, contact Vibe Creative Marketing to get started! For information on other forms of Google Ads, checkout online ads!