Case Study: Social Media Brand Awareness - Aloha Pawz

Background: Aloha Pawz (AP) is a pet shop located in Hilo, Hawai‘i with an e-commerce component. Known for supporting other local brands and organizations, as well as stocking only the best and most trustworthy products for dogs and cats, AP was looking for a partner to create a consistent social media presence to help spread awareness of AP to Hilo and beyond.  

From November 2021 through AP’s change in ownership in April 2023, Vibe managed Aloha Pawz’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, mainly targeting local Hawai‘i residents. 

Strategy: Team Vibe created a consistent posting schedule that featured the latest products available at Aloha Pawz. By working with AP’s team, fresh and up-to-date content drew locals into the store to get freshly stocked items. Team Vibe also prioritized awareness of promotions and staple products to increase web clicks and e-commerce revenue.  

Results: Over the time period of November 2021 - April 2023, AP’s Instagram followers grew 23% from 2,690 to 3,505. Facebook followers grew 36% from 2,316 to 3,635. 

AP’s average Instagram engagement rate was 2.29%, compared to an industry average of 0.33%. On Facebook, AP’s average engagement rate was 0.88%, compared to an industry average of 0.03%.  

*Using an average of the Retail industry.  

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