social media marketing agency

Social Media Marketing Agency

Are you one of the 56 percent of business owners who worry that social media is too time-consuming?

If so, you aren’t wrong. Building a strong social media presence and creating consistent content takes a lot of time to do well – too much time to add to your plate, but not enough to justify hiring a new employee. But, with Facebook closing in on 2 billion users, 1 billion active users on Instagram, and 330 million active users on Twitter (and counting!), having a strong brand presence on social media sites is clearly a necessity. Social media has become a standard form of communication in today's digital world and is the easiest way for companies to interact directly with their consumers. 

With all those social media users, communicating a specific message to a particular target demographic can be challenging. Through paid social media advertising you can focus your message to the right audience whether it’s through your current customer base or with prospective customers. Plus, you’re able to boost content that has a proven success rate. 

Social media content is essential to marketing but often overlooked in the process is social media management. Interacting with your customer’s engagement on your content as well as responding to direct messages and tagged posts is crucial to building your social media presence and customer trust. 

Whether you are looking to grow your brand organically or want to strategize with paid social media advertising, Vibe Creative Marketing will manage and grow a vibrant social media presence for your brand.

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