Vibe Gives Back 2022

It’s Giving Tuesday season! And that means it's time for Vibe's Giving Tuesday tradition where each member of the tribe shares a local nonprofit that resonates with them. It’s just one of the ways we exercise our values of openness and empathy – by giving back to our community. We're excited to share the impactful work of some of our favorite organizations, and hope you’re inspired by them, too!

Aloha Diaper Bank

Did you know that infants go through 6-12 diapers a day? Diaper costs can quickly add up, consuming up to 14% of a low-wage family's income. Sacrificing diapers for your infant means sacrificing their health, leading to diaper rash and more severe issues that require medical attention. Aloha Diaper Bank believes every baby deserves a clean diaper, and has a vision to eliminate diaper need on O‘ahu so every keiki has the opportunity to be clean, dry, and healthy. 

When Erica’s son was born in May, the idea of diaper expenses became reality. Erica supports Aloha Diaper Bank because she is grateful for the work they do to keep our keiki clean, dry, and healthy.

Aloha Harvest

Each year, the people of Hawaiʻi waste over $1 billion worth of food, a good amount of which is still consumable. When food is dumped in landfills, it produces the powerful greenhouse gas methane, which is known to have severe impacts on global warming. Aloha Harvest tackles food waste by taking food that would end up in a landfill and redistributing it to feed the hungry.

Ayari supports Aloha Harvest because she's grateful for the impact they have on the environment. She appreciates Aloha Harvest's mission to protect the environment, while supplying food to the most vulnerable members of our local community.

Books 4 Keiki

Books 4 Keiki’s mission is to promote early literacy development and create excitement around lifelong learning through access to books. Their goal is to be able to support all Title I Pre-Kindergarten programs statewide by providing books and supplies to foster literacy.


Jasmine is proud to support Books 4 Keiki because of the value of reading in her life. She has read to her daughter since she was born and it’s become one of her family’s favorite activities to share together. Jasmine loves how books spark her daughter’s imagination and can’t imagine not having access to books.

Hawaii Food Bank

Hawaii Food Bank’s mission is to nourish our ʻohana. They operate two warehouses, one on O‘ahu and one on Kaua‘i. With their partner organizations, they are able to help provide food for those in need on all of the neighbor islands.

Food insecurity is a growing problem nationwide. In Hawai‘i, with the high cost of living and many residents living at or below the poverty line, access to affordable and nutritious food is nearly impossible. Many residents face the difficult choice between food, housing, or medical care. Often, they have no choice but to go hungry.  Keiki are the worst affected by food insecurity. For some keiki, subsidized school lunches are the only nutritious meal they will receive in a day. Growing inequality is forcing many families to rely on organizations such as the Hawaii Food Bank to provide the sustenance they need.  

Aaron supports Hawaii Food Bank because he’s grateful for the work they do every day to help feed Hawai‘i.

Planned Parenthood Hawai‘i

Planned Parenthood’s mission is to ensure all people have access to the care and resources they need to make informed decisions about their bodies, their lives, and their futures. Each year, they deliver vital sexual and reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of people. In addition to providing healthcare, Planned Parenthood also works to advocate for policies that advance access to reproductive care and education. As more and more states adopt laws hostile to abortion rights in 2022, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund has stepped up as champion for reproductive rights. Their efforts include public education campaigns, grassroots organizing, and legislative advocacy.

Jess supports Planned Parenthood so that all people in Hawai‘i can not only access life-saving abortion care, but also other crucial services, like annual exams, birth control, STD testing and treatment, gender affirming hormone care, pregnancy services, and more. 

Central Tucson Gives Back

Central Tucson Companies is a part of the Vibe Creative Marketing ʻohana and is a family-owned business that cares strongly about their city. That’s why they dedicate 10% of net revenue to their foundation, Central Tucson Gives Back. Central Tucson Gives Back supports child and family-focused non-profits throughout Tucson.

Hawaii Association of Health Plans

Hawaii Association of Health Plans is a part of the Vibe Creative Marketing ʻohana. They are a partnership unifying Hawai‘i’s state licensed health plans and promote cooperative efforts to improve quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care and services statewide. 

Hawaii Youth Symphony

The Hawaii Youth Symphony is a part of the Vibe Creative Marketing ʻohana. With a vision that making music should be a right, not a privilege, they strive to provide access to music education to all keiki in Hawaiʻi, regardless of their ability to play or pay.