Vibe Gives Back 2021

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday this year, each member of the Vibe Tribe is championing a local non-profit that resonates with them. It’s just one of the ways we live our core values, including humility and gratitude – by giving back. Through these non-profit highlights, we hope to spread awareness of these causes we love; and we hope you love them, too!

Ma'i Movement

Ma’i Movement has a goal to end period poverty in Hawai’i. How? By providing and distributing free menstrual products to those in need, as well as advocating for systemic change in the government, schools, and community.

Erica believes, like Ma’i Movement, that all people who require menstrual products and education should have access to it without financial burden, shame, or stigma. No one should be held at a disadvantage for having their period, not having access to period products, or consequent repercussions.

Make A Wish Hawaii

Make-A-Wish Hawaii creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. They seek to bring every eligible child’s wish to life, because a wish is an integral part of a child’s treatment journey. Research shows children who have wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight their illness.


Jasmine was always drawn to Make-A-Wish Hawaii and how they grant wishes for children with critical illnesses. She had two close friends whose children were granted wishes and it gave them the hope to keep fighting; both are doing well today. When Jasmine became a mom, the happiness, health, and wellbeing of her child became her priority.  Every parent thrives when they see the joy on their child’s face and ache when they’re hurt or sick. In supporting Make-A-Wish Hawaii, Jasmine hopes it’ll bring the joy and magic our keiki need to keep fighting.

Nā Kama Kai

Nā Kama Kai, or “children of the sea,” is a non-profit that connects keiki to the ocean. In their programs and clinics, keiki from around the island come together to embrace their responsibility as caretakers of not only the ocean, but marine ecosystems as well. By growing up with a sense of connection to the sea, we leave the future of our oceans in their hands. 

Having been raised in Eastern Oregon, Yazzmin had never spent much time together with the ocean. It wasnʻt until moving to Hawaiʻi that she understood the role we each have in protecting our oceans and keeping them safe. Watching keiki take action to connect with the ocean and embrace their environment at such a young age inspired Yazz to support Nā Kama Kai’s efforts. No matter how young you are, you can make a difference. 

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is an organization that works toward creating a cleaner planet. The organization began as a group focused on creating a fun and helpful environment for beach cleanups. Since then, they have grown to inspire cleaner consumer behavior through cleanups, education, social media, and more.

As someone with a strong passion for creating a more sustainable future, Wyatt believes this organization is a piece of the puzzle to get there. Having worked with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii in the past, he knows that Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii makes an impact and wants to help them further their current mission of changing consumer behavior to make the planet a cleaner place.

Trees for Honolulu’s Future

Trees for Honolulu’s future is a local non-profit organization that helps to facilitate the planting and preservation of our urban forests.  Trees serve an important role in our urban environment: they lower ground temperatures, alleviate flooding, provide an important habitat for animals, and increase the natural beauty of our city.  As the earth warms, the importance of trees in urban planning will only increase.  

Aaron truly believes in the mission of Trees for Honolulu’s Future and its impact on our community and our planet.  Think of the Keiki!

Women In Need

Women In Need (WIN) is a non-profit organization that empowers women who have been through domestic violence, homelessness, substance abuse, and incarceration. Through transitional housing programs, counseling, employment services, and more, WIN gives women the resources they need to maintain a healthy, productive, and full life.

Jess loves this organization because they help break the cycle of generational hopelessness and abuse. All donations go directly towards the Transitional Housing and Treatment Services for struggling women; receiving this support can make all the difference for these members of our community and their families.

Women Speaking Out

Women Speaking Out Hawaii creates awareness and prevention of dating violence, while teaching self-love through education for Hawaiʻi's youth. Their mission is to give a voice to the youth of Hawaiʻi by empowering them with education, innovative action, and providing opportunities to speak out and take a stand against dating violence. WSO Hawaii offers character development workshops, an annual speak love conference, and a multitude of hybrid community events- both virtual and in-person- focused on awareness.

1 in 10 teens in Hawaiʻi reported being physically hurt by a dating partner over the past 12 months. This shows the importance of teens learning about dating violence while their voices are still developing and they're just beginning to experience romantic relationships. Like WSO, Chantel believes that nothing you do, say, or wear, gives anyone the right to hurt you physically, emotionally, or verbally. 

Central Tucson Gives Back

Central Tucson Companies is a part of the Vibe Creative Marketing ʻohana and is a family-owned business that cares strongly about their city. That’s why they dedicate 10% of net revenue to their foundation, Central Tucson Gives Back. Central Tucson Gives Back supports child and family-focused non-profits throughout Tucson.

Hawaii Youth Symphony

The Hawaii Youth Symphony is a part of the Vibe Creative Marketing ʻohana. With a vision that making music should be a right, not a privilege, they strive to provide access to music education to all keiki in Hawaiʻi, regardless of their ability to play or pay. 

Pacific Gateway Center

Pacific Gateway Center is a part of the Vibe Creative Marketing ʻohana. The mission of Pacific Gateway Center is to empower low-income residents, immigrants, refugees, and other vulnerable populations to achieve self-sufficiency through skill-building and access to opportunities while respecting cultural heritages. 

From all of us at Team Vibe, thank you to the hard and dedicated workers at these organizations for all the good you do for our community!