The Path to New Customers: Google Discover

Through every business’s journey comes the path to discovery. It’s on this path that brings the opportunity of growth for your business to reach its next level of success. However, businesses are often faced with the challenge of finding the most efficient way to spread their message to the right audience while dealing with factors such as budget, urgency, and available resources. 

The key to success on the path of discovery- being found even when customers aren’t actively looking for your business but are open to trying something new. 

Why Google Discover

Urban legend says that potential customers are always scrolling through the internet. Actually, it’s the truth! With the average person spending over 5 hours a day on their phones alone, the need for content is nearly endless. While customers may not be scrolling through the internet looking for you specifically, putting your brand where billions of people go every day is a good place to succeed in your quest to be discovered. 

What is Google Discover

On your journey to being found online, it’s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve. One that can bring you the success you seek and can be crafted to fit your needs is Google Discover.  

What is Google Discover? Discover is a type of news feed on Google curated to the specific user, similar to Instagram and Twitter’s explore page. While Instagram and Twitter work to perfect the ultimate page of content from the materials on their platforms, Discover pulls from those apps, other mobile apps, and most web activity of a user to provide a highly optimized and personalized feed. 

A student at the University of Arizona who commutes to school could be scrolling through their Google Discover Feed where they would be served content such as an article about how to pick a major, a playlist of music to study to, and a video about top spring break destinations. 

Mixed into their Google Discover Feed would be a subtle ad about monthly parking stalls near campus. Two fold: the student is the perfect target for a business that rents parking spots and the student can benefit from this service.

How to Master Google Discover 

To truly master the art of Google Discover, you must understand the elements in play. 

  1. You must first determine the goal of your campaign. Are you trying to generate leads, drive sales, or simply build awareness?
  2. From there, you can assure your message is presented to the right people by selecting specific audiences. A campaign designed for leads and sales will focus on remarketing, customer match, custom intent, and in-market audience. Building brand awareness will utilize those audiences as well as specific life events and affinity audiences which are based on interests and habits. 
  3. Once your audiences are determined, you’ll have a better understanding of what kind of content they’ll be scrolling through. This helps you pick 10 or more keywords that will dictate where your Google Discovery Ad will show up. 
  4. After you’ve established who the ads will show up for and where, the ads must be built. This is how you truly capture a new potential customer. A Discover Ad should include high-quality images and logos that are in landscape and square formats. They should showcase the product, the product being used in authentic ways, and always in realistic settings. The ads should also include 5 headlines and descriptions to help hook and inform about your product or service. 

The Magic of Google Discover

While the Google Discover Feed provides amazing opportunities for your brand to grow its customer base, the magic doesn’t end there. When you create a Google Discovery Campaign, ads are built to be adaptive, so they will show up on the Google Discover Feed along with Gmail and YouTube! 


As people check their emails for the latest news, updates, and promotions, Google Discovery Ads will show up almost naturally in their inbox! When someone logs into their Gmail to see if there are any events for this weekend, an ad for your local newspaper business with the latest happenings in the area is mixed into their inbox. 


While people are watching and scrolling for videos on YouTube, Discover Ads will be displayed on the home page and watch next feeds. As someone is looking up “how to make boba tea,” an ad for your boba tea truck will be there! 

Getting Started with Google Discover 

The journey to discovery can be a long, winding path. We wouldn’t recommend venturing on your own. Having a team that has mastered the skills and are able to guide you to new customers, while following your specific guidelines, is the best chance to reach success. 

If you’re wondering how to advertise on Google so you can get a Discovery Campaign started, we know of a Hawai‘i Advertising Agency that can help you on your journey!