Google Display Ads

As you begin your work day, you drink a cup of coffee and read the latest news article. While you’re scrolling through the page you begin to notice the ads on the sides of the article. They capture your attention; you’ve recently been looking for a new lamp in your living room, and it just so happens the ad next to your morning, virtual paper is an ad for a floor lamp. 

What are Display Ads?

Display ads are a visual way to drive sales and bring awareness to your brand or products. Unlike Google Search Ads, display ads will show up even when people are not actively searching for them. The disadvantage of display ads is a much lower conversion rate compared to search. But, the trade-off is you’re able to get your ad in front of thousands more people at a lower cost. This is because display ads show up in more places than just the Google search engine. The ads can appear on millions of websites, YouTube, Gmail, as well as mobile apps and sites. 

Display ads also provide more opportunity to explain your message to potential and existing customers. Rather than trying to explain why customers should pick you through a limited number of text characters, you’re using characters and visuals, like images or gifs, to explain and showcase why they need to pick you!  


Like most online ads, display ads are being shown to your targeted potential customers. Display ad campaigns allow you to decide who will see these ads based on the basics such as age, location, and gender, along with more specific audience types such as interests and lifestyles. You also have the ability to add keywords to your display ads to help them show up online where those keywords show up. 


One of the key benefits to display ads is the use of retargeting. This is the reason you see so many ads for the exact pair of shoes you just put in your shopping cart, along with similar styles you looked at casually on your lunch break. Retargeting through display ads helps keep your brand and products top-of-mind to potential customers and can often be the final push to get them to convert. 

What’s an Advantage of Responsive Display Ads?

Responsive display ads have the advantage of letting Google optimize your display ads. Rather than uploading just a few display ads, you’ll upload several different styles and dimensions of an image, your company’s logo, as well as headlines and descriptions similar to search ads. Google then combines some of the assets into a display ad to show to your target audience. Assets are shuffled each time they are displayed to a target customer, as deemed best based on previous data.

Understanding the basics for display ads is the first step toward launching your campaign. For experienced help and directions with Google Display Ads, contact Vibe Creative Marketing. To learn more about other types of Google Ads, check out online advertising.