Google Ads Measurement

When it comes to digital advertising for small- to medium-sized businesses, people often stop the work after launching their ads. It’s a long process figuring out which form of online advertising is right for them and having to develop the campaign, ad groups, and ads. While those steps are important to get you started with online advertising, they won’t really matter if you stop there. 

What is Google Ads Measurement

Being able to measure your online ads can help you better understand your customers, maximize your ad spend, and grow your business. Google Ads Measurement provides both the basic data and advanced reports on your account, campaigns, and ad groups to fully understand your Google Ads. Using this information, you’re able to make changes based on your established campaign goals to help you reach success. 

Some of the data that you’re able to collect through Google Ads Measurement include: 

About your customer

  • device on which your customers are seeing your ad
  • what time they’re seeing them
  • where in the world the ad is showing up 
  • age range and gender of who is seeing the ad 
  • which target audience is responding to the ads

Competition comparison 

  • impression share vs competitor 
  • outranking vs competitor
  • top of page rate vs competitor
  • position above rate vs competitor 

About the ads 

  • which part of the ad they’re clicking (if you have extensions
  • landing page the customer goes to 
  • keyword that triggered the ad 

Digital Advertising Trends

An under-appreciated aspect of Google Ads Measurement is the ability to spot trends in your target audience. You can utilize the keywords to see what your market is searching for and where the clicks are coming from. This gives you the ability to shift your focus to these specific drivers and boost your clicks and conversions. 

Reading about the latest trends in digital marketing is a great way to give you a starting point, but adapting your strategy based on real results from your customers is what will ultimately lead you to success. 

Best Way to Advertise Online 

When people search for ways to advertise online, they will find a list of ideas and pick one that stands out to them. Going through the trial and error process isn’t the worst way to approach online advertising, but it takes more time and money than working with an established digital advertising agency. To get started with online advertising and experience the strength of Google Ads Measurement, contact Vibe Creative Marketing.