Video & Content Marketing

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Whether your focus is social media, websites, Youtube, or another digital medium, video is becoming the preferred way to communicate with customers. Video content allows companies to paint a vivid picture that creates a stronger impact and increases customer engagement. Plus, using audio in combination with visuals allows brands to simplify more lengthy messages into relatable clips their customers will enjoy.

From scripting and storyboarding to voice overs and video creation, Vibe Creative Marketing can produce video and content marketing to tell the story of your brand.

Video Marketing

Share your brand with potential customers with video marketing. Team Vibe will produce short video clips that share the essence of your brand and manage video ads online through Youtube and Google Video. Bonus: we’re Google certified in Video Ads!

Content Marketing

Does your brand have a special story or message to share? Video is the perfect way to get your customers excited! Team Vibe will produce content for your social media and web channels to share your upcoming information in a personable branded video.

Want to see the story of your brand on the screen? Contact us today.

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