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On average, organic traffic typically contributes the largest share of visitors to a website. Where does organic web traffic come from? Search engines! 

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps capture customers actively seeking your product or service who may not yet be aware of your brand. Optimizing your website results in higher search listings, bringing more awareness to your company and strengthening customer trust. SEO for small- to medium-sized businesses provides an opportunity for you to compete with larger, corporate brands without spending large amounts of money on ads. 

Ongoing SEO maintenance through web content allows your site to become a leader in your focused topics, increasing your rank and trust as well as presenting your consumers with additional benefits of your brand in an engaging way. Subsequently, SEO is an impactful long-term marketing investment with positive effects that can last for years. 

With crucial knowledge and experience in SEO keyword research and implementation, along with the ability to fully embody a unique and relatable voice, Vibe can optimize any site to increase search rankings and create engaging web content to boost brand awareness and organic site performance.

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