Case Study: Google Search Advertising - ASAP Movers 808

Background: ASAP Movers 808 (ASAP) is a women-owned, locally operated moving company. Whether moving across the island or across the country, ASAP can handle any kind of storage and move. ASAP started Google Search Ads with Vibe upon opening their business, understanding it was a necessary way to get customers with a small budget. 

Strategy: As ASAP grew from a startup to an established company, the strategy of their campaign shifted to use their ad budget to outrank other local competitors. Since potential customers’ decisions could be made based on which company they saw and heard back from first, Team Vibe prioritized getting ASAP’s ads to show on the search results page before any other ads. 

Duration: March 1, 2021 - September 30, 2021

Target: Locals looking to make a purchase decision on a moving company.  

Placement: Google Search

Budget: $85/day

Goal: Clicks to website. 

Results: Ads received an average click through rate (CTR) of 7.68% at a $5.78 cost per click (CPC). This is compared to an industry average CTR of 6.13% and CPC of $3.19 (using an average of the Business & Industrial and Real Estate categories in Wordstream’s 2020 Report).

While ASAP’s CPC is well over the industry average, this is due to its high impression share of 61.09% (the number of impressions they received over the number possible to receive by all competitors). This is compared to ASAP’s second highest competitor, who had an impression share of only 34.16%. Compared to this competitor, ASAP ads outranked their ads 51.38% of the time. 

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