Case Study: Foot Traffic & Revenue Through Social Media - SKY Waikiki

Background: Opening its doors in 2015, SKY Waikiki (SKY) touted a variety of operations including restaurant, bar, and nightclub. In late 2018, as a three-year-old nightclub, SKY was no longer the cool, new club, and nightclub sales began to decline. As dinner operations have longevity and sustainability, ownership wanted to increase marketing emphasis and brand awareness of SKY Waikiki as a restaurant. However, many customers knew of SKY as only a nightclub, and had no knowledge it was a restaurant at all. Subsequently, in late October 2018, SKY Waikiki underwent a rebrand to put restaurant operations front and center. The social media content thus shifted to target dinner service, with the goal of increasing dinner revenue.

Strategy: Team Vibe’s strategy was to utilize a bright, well-lit aesthetic to change the perception of SKY Waikiki from a nighttime venue (nightclub) to a sunset venue (dinner). Food, drink, and dinner photos used were taken at an earlier time of day, and action and product shots heavily featured food and colorful cocktails to emphasize dinner service. 

Duration: November 2018 - November 2019

Results: Over the span of one year, SKY Waikiki’s Facebook average reach increased by 3.67%. Average engagements increased by 55.08%. Instagram average reach increased by 1.01% and average engagements increased by 8.20%.

Over the same time period, referral traffic from social media sites increased by 7.87%, compared to the previous year.

In addition, over the same time period, SKY Waikiki’s dinner revenue increased by an average of 6.56% compared to the previous year.

The increase in social media performance in the year after the strategy shift, combined with the increase in web traffic directly from social media, strongly implies that Team Vibe’s social media strategy contributed to the dinner revenue increase experienced during the time period.

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