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David v. Goliath

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Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath, so why are you here?

You're captivated by figuring out which marketing tricks can be used to overthrow Goliath.

David, the small- to medium- size business, since the dawn of time, has struggled to compete with Goliath, the big business often a corporation. David, more often than not, is unable to provide the same behemoth of a budget for marketing as his Goliath. While David is flipping signs in a clown costume to inform customers about a 10% discount, Goliath is broadcasting his new product on TVs across the country with a catchy new jingle your grandma will be singing at Thanksgiving.

It sucks.

It’s unfair.

But there's hope for David!

Throw the red nose and big shoes away; it’s time for digital domination.

Nowadays, it’s not about how much money you can throw at a TV spot or getting your name on a flashy billboard. It’s about knowing and communicating with your audience via digital services. Not only can you relay your message to the right people at the right time, you can also do so in a way that your accountant will get excited about.* How? Read on.

*Accountants’ excitement may vary.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Laying in bed.

Brushing your teeth.

Bus ride to work.

Walking into your building.

Elevator ride to your office.

On and on and on. The amount of time our heads are turned down to our phones before we sit at our desk is exactly what Davids want to hear.

In 2019, nearly one-third of the time people spent on their phones was dedicated to social media. Oh, and did we mention that *billions* of people are doing this?

Social media is a communicative platform with nothing but feedback from your customers. Here, consumers are telling you exactly how to sell to them; you just have to listen. Social media allows you to be creative, fun, and real. Every time you interact with your customers, you gain another impression and engagement for your brand. If it’s done well, they’ll market for you by sharing your message on their feed with a simple click of a button. The cost is low and the reach is endless.


Email Marketing

sending an email

Imagine spending millions of dollars to advertise to a brick wall!

Sounds crazy, right? That’s what Goliaths are doing. The cost to advertise in traditional marketing platforms are high, but not necessarily worth it as your message gets shown to people who couldn’t care less.

The award for simplest AND most cost-effective way to deliver your message goes to email marketing! Email marketing has the highest return on investment out of any other marketing channel because the people you’re reaching want to know what you have to say. Somewhere along the line, they have signed-up for your emails because you have captured their attention.

Save the straight forward emails for your boss. From subject line to email footer, there are so many ways to be creative and stand out in an email. There are also tons of ways to create engaging content, from graphics and layouts to polls and in-email shopping.
You have their attention, now don’t lose it.

SEO Marketing

glowing laptop

Goliaths continue to succeed because they constantly build their customer base. When the budget is tight, organic traffic is even more valuable.

Considering 51% of online traffic comes to websites organically, the easier you’re able to be found from organic search, the more traffic to your site you can get. However, if someone is searching for a product or service you offer, but don’t know you exist, how can they find you?

Optimizing your website for particular phrases and keywords allows your site to be shown higher on internet searches for products and services you provide. Adjusting your website’s copy and metadata is a low-cost, long-term way to maximize your organic potential reach.

But first, you need a website.

Website Design

web design layout

We present to you the most powerful digital tool of them all: your website.
This is the central hub to where your emails, social media posts, google searches, and online ads will direct your consumer. Your website can provide every last bit of information to your customers and, most importantly, where they can contact you at.

Consider your website your digital brick-n-mortar store; the effort and care you put into a storefront should be duplicated there.

80% of people stop engaging with content if it’s not displayed well on their device and roughly 50% say they base a business’ credibility on the website’s design. Your site’s aesthetic, ease of use, functionality, and speed are crucial to designing your website. And, now more than ever, designing your site to be accessed cleanly on varying devices will greatly impact its success.

Website design may be the most expensive tool of your digital domination to take down Goliath, but it’s a small, essential fee in the large war of industry success.

With these four tools, your Goliath can be taken down with ease, But, why stop there? Join us and, together, we can rule the digital galaxy!