2023 Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

One thing we can say for certain about digital marketing? It’s always changing. 

When you’re running a small business and wearing many hats, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to keep up with it all. So, we’ve simplified 5 digital marketing trends you’ll be sure to see in 2023 that are perfect for small business marketing. 

1. Influencers

We’re sorry if we’re the first ones to tell you this: customers just don’t really care about what you have to say. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration–some customers care about some of what you have to say–but hearing what a peer has to say about your brand can often carry much more weight. While the concept of influencers certainly isn’t new, you’ll see a rise in the importance of utilizing them for your brand in 2023.

You can take advantage of influencer marketing even as a small business. Consider partnering with micro influencers–influencers with a smaller following–on Instagram or TikTok who are well established in communities that can reach your potential audience. Think local or niche public accounts who specialize in talking about your area or industry. 

2. User Generated Content (UGC)

Like influencer marketing, using UGC as part of your marketing content mix isn’t novel, but helps your brand to use real content produced by peers to tell your story. User generated content can come in many forms, from unboxing videos of your product to video reviews and testimonials of your brand. You can even utilize customers as guests in live streams or other branded content. 

3. Live Streaming and Short-Form Video

Are you catching on to a theme here? In 2023, users want to see real, authentic, genuine content about your brand. While one facet of this is to see your brand through a peer’s eyes, another is through live streaming or other short-form video content. Stuck on things you can live stream? If your business doesn’t have built-in events to live stream, consider scheduling interviews, Q&A sessions, product launches or tutorials, or behind the scenes looks. These opportunities allow you to showcase your business, product, or services in an authentic way. 

4. Conversational Copywriting

To help your brand be relatable and genuine, implementing a conversational tone in your copywriting is key. If you’re stuck in formal mode, try these quick and easy tips:

  • Use contractions (it’s instead of it is)
  • Try shorter, simpler words and sentences
  • Write in the first person rather than the third person
  • Tell a story
  • Be open and honest
  • Ask questions
  • It’s ok to use exclamation marks!

Along these lines, remember the importance of building a digital community through shared causes, such as inclusivity and sustainability. Finding topics that are important to both you and your audience–even if not directly related to your products or services–can help show your audience who you are and what you stand for, making your brand more relatable. 

5. Educational Content

Creating shareable and saveable content will be important in 2023 to succeed across any digital marketing channel. Educational content is an example of this. Don’t forget your conversational copywriting tone, and consider a short-form video format! Making what you do beneficial for your customer while making it accessible and relatable will help to grow your digital audience. 

Our bonus tip: Just Be You!

2023 is looking to be a year of authenticity and relatability in digital marketing. To help with brand consistency, and to ensure you know exactly what “being you” means, remember to define your brand, what you stand for, and why you do what you do. If you are confident of this, being authentic and relatable will come easily!

Looking to focus on your business in 2023? 

This is a goal that resonates with many of our client partners. Whether you’re a small business owner, too busy to do it all, or you have a great team that needs a little assistance, Vibe can help your company reach its digital marketing goals. Sound like you? Let’s have a chat today!